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Brite Zhou is a classical pianist from the San Francisco Bay area. He is trained in both Eastern and Western styles of piano teaching and techniques. He currently studies at San Francisco State University with the distinguished pianist and professor - Dr. Victoria Neve, as a graduate student in piano performance. Other important teachers and mentors include the renowned Alexander String Quartet, esteemed pianist and professor Dr. Cong Cong Chai, Ng Chong Lim, world-class performing pianists Massimiliano Ferrati, Tamara Licheli, Asaf Kleimann, and Cristiano Bruato; and past president of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) - Dr. Scott Smith. Brite is a participant of the Conero Music Festival in Italy (2019) and has received the Carol Ferrando Memorial Endowed Award (2018), and William-Corbett Jones Piano Scholarship Award (2019), and James Ramos International Piano Competition honorable mention award (2019). Brite is the accompanist for San Francisco State University’s Treble Singer choir group. 


Brite is passionate about teaching children and adults the joyful and rewarding experience of playing piano. He is fluent in both English and Chinese Mandarin. He believes in building strong foundations through the delight and joy of music-making, providing lifelong benefits for children and adults of all ages. Brite believes that music is an art form that embodies language expressions and emotional comprehensions, and trains an individual in building confidence and expressive abilities, as well as learning the importance of perseverance and hard work. Brite combines music history, music theory, and techniques into all of his lessons and finds a balance to promote interests and stretch the comfort zones to broaden the understanding of music as a whole. Brite regularly hosts studio recitals for his students, allowing all students and families a chance to build important memories and accomplishments. Brite’s studio is located at Balboa Park in San Francisco.

Performing Chopin's Scherzo No. 3 at SFSU Knuth Hall


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Phone: +1 (415) 845-2011

Wechat: Tenaces

Locations: Balboa Park and Stonestown San Francisco, CA 94112 and 94132, USA

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