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Online lessons are available at Brite’s piano studio!

Playing Piano

The sudden changes of lifestyle due to the COVID-19 crisis can greatly disrupt our lifestyles, but this should not be a hinderance to our interests and dreams. WIth the extra home we now have in the summer and the option to work from home, we can pursue and devote more time to learning the art of piano! I am offering one on one online lessons to all levels of students, as well as organizing virtual performances.



  • What preparation is needed for online piano lessons?


A: A piano or keyboard, digital or acoustic (highly recommend fully weighted and full length 88-keys). A device capable of online video calls (zoom or FaceTime), such as smart phone, laptop, or tablet; and a stable internet connection. 


  • After the Shelter In Place, will classes resume in person or online? 


A: Absolutely, students are free to choose if they prefer to have classes in person or online. Classes can be had at my studio in San Francisco, online, or in some cases at the students’ homes. 


  • How much experience do I need to learn piano online? 


A: Beginners can learn quite effectively from one on one online format. Though, those with some piano experience will find it easier and in most cases more effective when doing online lessons.


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Wechat: Tenaces

Locations: Balboa Park and Stonestown San Francisco, CA 94112 and 94132, USA

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